Name: Jur Wattel 
Age: 14 jaar 
Place: Middelburg 
Nationality: Dutch
Education: Scheldemond College VWO Topsport Talentschool, class 2
Bikes: Metrakit/KTM 85cc 2stroke and Suzuki GSXR125cc
Branch of motosport: Racing
Class: Open 125cc
Leisure activities: Motoracen, motorcross and mountainbike
First race: RAP 2016
Favorite circuit: Assen Junior track circuit
Favorite athlete: Valentino Rossi 
Best memory: 2020, wildcardrider during the first competition from the Northern Talent Cup at the Sachsenring.
Ambition: To become the new Rossi or even better!
What do you want to be when you are grown up: Professional motorracer or sporttrainer
How do you become so crazy about bikes: I don't want to learn riding on a bicycle. I just want to ride on my electric trialbike with side wheels.  After that I ride a PW50cc sideacar and then I began to ride on a larger trialbike. In february 2015 I have had a introduction lesson and after a while I just want to ride a minibike everyday! 
Moto experience: trial, minibiken and motocross.
Plans for the future: In 2021 I will become Dutch Champion in the Open 125cc,  race in Belgium and France a few competitions and the European Championship. Also i want to grow to a bigger motor and the bigger circuits to make a lot of kilometers.